eCommerce Set Up Service

e-Commerce For Small & Medium Businesses and Startups

We serve with the entire eCommerce set up for your business from the scratch.

There are 4 categories of eComm set-up services we serve with:

A. On Amazon Only,

B. On Flipkart Only,

C. Both on Amazon & Flipkart,

D. Option C + 3 more eComm platforms of your choice.

The Process

The eCommerce Process that you need to understand...

Produce or Procure the items You want to sell
Register & Create the Catalogue/s
List Your Products
on the platform
Customers Find and
Buy Your Products
Pack the Orders
Delivery Partner Picks
the Orders from Your Doorstep
Delivery Partner Delivers
the Orders to the Customer
You Get Paid
Opening a Package

আপোনাৰ ব্যৱসায়ৰ বাবে কোনটো

eCommerce প্লেটফৰ্ম লাভজনক হব জানিবলৈ

আজিয়েই আমাক যোগাযোগ কৰক।

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